• The HCG showed me what MMA is as well as how to train for it and how to learn it. The HCG covers the fundamentals of training in every aspect of MMA from the most basic to the expert. They can teach anyone from the newbie to the expert they can teach you well. Adam and Rory Singer have the ability to breakdown MMA and explain and teach it to anyone.

    *Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common.
    Forest Griffin - Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion
  • As a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeria and a MMA fighter, I find The HardCore Gym to be a great training facility. My name is Junior Assuncao. I began training at The HardCore Gym to prepare for my fight in Brazil this past March. Being long time friends with Masters Rory and Coach Adam Singer, I knew they would know exactly what one needs for a training camp. As a fighter, I have trained at many pronounced gyms around the world. More specifically, when preparing for one of my U.F.C. fights, my camp was at Black House in Brazil. Even though this was a facility with many big stars, it didn’t have the well-rounded quality of The HardCore Gym. The coaches have a organized program where there is an unspoken understanding that when you are training for a fight, the guys help you. Then when the guys are training for a fight, you help them. So with that method, every night there are plenty of training partner that one can count on to show up. I’m very happy with the my training progress and with this level of coaching I am ready for another shot in the UFC. I would like to say thank you to all my coaches at The HardCore Gym and my training partners! I look forward to seeing you guys at practice soon!

    *Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common.
    Junior Assuncao (UFC Veteran, BJJ Black Belt)
  • I started at The HardCore Gym weighing 258 pounds and over a course of twelve months I am holding around 210 pounds. Just to make the math easy that is 48 pounds lost. Let's just say I also have a new wardrobe now and feel better than I have in years. To be forty seven years old let's just say it has been a long time since I have felt this good. Thanks to The HardCore Gym for being there and to all the coaches that made me feel so comfortable.

    *Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common.
    Doug Paustian - Quality Assurance Engineer/Manager
  • I began training at The HardCore Gym of Athens, GA in October of 2010. At the time, I was playing poker professionally and was just looking for something to get me out of the house. Physical fitness has and will always be very important to me so when my buddy, a fellow poker player, asked if I’d be interested in giving it a shot with him I thought, “Why not?”. Although I grew up playing competitive organized sports, I had never trained for anything in the genre of fighting. My only MMA reference, prior to this point, had been what I had witnessed on television. So, it goes without saying that I was slightly anxious coming into the gym for the first time. Never would I have imagined that The HardCore Gym of Athens would become my fitness home like it did. From the moment I began training, I knew that there was something unique about this place. All of the coaches and masters were friendly, patient and most importantly, took their craft seriously. The intensity in the gym was contagious. Not only was I able to get in great shape, but I also learned a very useful life skill. Unfortunately, after roughly a year of training, I had to make a career move to St. Louis and leaving The HardCore Gym was not easy for me, to say the least. The training experience, focus and respect for fellow training members I gained during my time there was unlike anything I ever anticipated going in. Without my experience at The HardCore Gym, I would never be able to say that MMA is and will continue being a part of my life. Let’s just say, I’m hooked. I am in better shape, standing taller, and not to mention the fact that I actually enjoy punching people in the face! HA – kidding….but seriously.

    *Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common.
    Taylor Bell; Former Professional Poker Player



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