Written by Coach Rory on his Facebook page


"Everyone wants to be a champion until it's time to do champion sh!t. - Rory Singer

As I was watching the fights Saturday night with some friends we got to talking about fighters and their priorities. I made the above statement; which holds true for fighting, but also applies to just about any other topic for which you can think. You can replace the word champion with: millionaire, successful business owner, straight A student, good spouse, good parent...I think you get my point.

Much of this goes back to what I wrote about last week (feel free to search below) in regards to owning your excuses and finding people to help you. As important as those two ideas are, it's equally important to understand that success doesn't happen overnight. 

Something my brother, Adam, has consistently talked about is, you don't wake up one day a champion (fill in the blank). You have to do what champions do and do them from the beginning. The most successful people I have ever known (both in business and athletics), though at times in need of mentorship, almost never needed hand holding. Hours upon hours of dedication, and more importantly, SACRIFICE, went into creating their high levels of success. 

The only way to become the best at something is to give it your singular focus. That usually means other aspects of your life must/will suffer. What are you willing to give up in the name of success? How much of yourself are you willing to dedicate to reaching your goals?

If you don't know the answers to those two questions you may find yourself falling short. If you do know the answers but are unwilling to follow through, then you can't be surprised when you absolutely fall short. If you are honest with yourself and accept you are unwilling to make the sacrifices it takes, then at least you won't be surprised by the lesser outcomes. 

In the past I have spoken about this in regards to my training and competing in BJJ. More recently I have had to self reflect in regards to being a successful business owner. As I stated previously, I am surrounded by successful gyms owners. I know exactly what it takes and at times I follow through, and other times I don't. The success (or lack thereof) of my academy directly falls on my shoulders. The effort I put into it and the sacrifices I'm willing to make will be reflected in its growth, the success of my students, and the legacy we leave for the future.

It's a super tough balancing act and the more I begin to understand it, the more respect I have for those crushing it in their respective fields. There's no jealousy, no hate, and no bitching. What I have, how I act, and what I get, is solely in my control. What others have, what they do, and how they act, isn't. That's one of the biggest lessons I've learned over the years and one I'm doing my best to pass on to my children and my tribe. I will continue being about it more than talking about it. I hope you will be as well."

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