Written by Coach Rory on his Facebook page

"I just spent a couple of days out in San Francisco with some of the top martial arts academy owners in the country. Those that are not the tops were there in hopes of learning how to join the list. In just another week I'll be spending a few more days with some other top academy owners.

One of the things you will find that all the successful academy owners share (whether making 7 figures a year or on their way) is a lack of making excuses. They all own their own shit and live and die by the choices they make. Additionally, they realize that others have paved the way before them and understand they can help lead them to success.

Those two lessons are often lost on the majority of people: 1. Own your excuses (Read - stop making excuses) and 2. Allow others that know more to lead the way (Read - your coaches/mentors are there to help). I'll be honest, I often want to take the "gloves" off and tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. 

Unfortunately most people aren't prepared for that. They need to be babied, they need hand holding, and they need to be told, "everything will be okay." Fact is, it's not all going to be okay. The decisions you make are effecting your life and those around you. For example, if I decide to stop being a responsible business owner, my business fails, my bills don't get paid, and my family suffers the loss of my income.

When you decide to put garbage in your body, not work out, and let your health dwindle; you risk leaving your children orphaned, or worse yet, dealing with your financial ruin. Do you want your kids growing up watching you die and going bankrupt due to exorbitant medical bills? I assume you said no. So then why do you continue to make excuses? Life is hard, you're tired, work is exhausting, blah, blah, blah. You know who doesn't care? Your rising blood glucose levels, your arteries, your liver, and your aching joints. At some point your will to live, see your children grow up, and hold your grandkids has to be stronger than your strongest excuse.

That takes us to lesson 2 from above: allow others that know more to lead the way. Whether it's a business mentor or your coach; other people know how to lead you to success. Most of the time you even invested in them financially to secure that knowledge and leadership. Yet when they tell you to do something you balk, ask why, or flat out ignore them (and make a ton of excuses). How in the heck is that going to get you where you want to go?

At what point do you take ownership of your failing health and/or failed goals/dreams? As a coach I put so much of my student's failures on my own shoulders. It's one of the aspects of being a coach that is sometimes the most difficult. You blame yourself for everyone's failures. You ask, "what am I not doing right? How can I deliver this message better?" 

I likely won't ever let myself completely off the hook in this regard. On the other hand, what responsibility do you have to your own success? It's such a simple formula. Show up and do something positive. Show up at the table, show up at restaurants, show up in your life, and show up at the academy. Then make good decisions, stop making excuses, and trust those for whom you decided to help lead you on the journey. I'm here to help as are all the coaches at SBG Athens Fitness, MMA & BJJ In Athens Georgia

One Tribe, One Vibe."

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